Features and Benefits

The 3M True Definition Scanner is the smallest, most durable scanning wand on the market – and it’s now available at an unprecedented cost. With the light-weight wand, multi-touch viewing monitor, and detailed imagery, this advanced digital impression technology can make the entire treatment process faster, better, and easier for both you and your patients.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits you can expect:

Improved Care

The 3M True Definition Scanner can allow you to provide your patients with an improved diagnostic and treatment experience. The enhanced accuracy and precision of the 3-D digital image gives you an exceptionally detailed view, and it can improve communication between you and your lab. This advanced scanning technology also offers greater comfort for your patients during the process, not to mention better chances of attaining the best possible results from the procedure.

Enhanced Productivity

With the 3M True Definition Scanner, there are fewer steps necessary to create an accurate impression. Plus, there is less potential for mistakes, which can translate into less stress for you and your dental team. This technology also makes it possible to reduce your appointment times and see more patients each day.

Significantly Improved Accuracy

The True Definition Scanner’s “3D-in-motion” video technology is designed to capture the most accurate virtual representation of your patient’s oral anatomy. This incredibly precise view is a tool you can use to create restorations that offer the best possible fit and appearance for the patient. For quadrant dentistry and full-arch dentistry particularly, the 3M True Definition Scanner offers the flexibility and accuracy needed for exceptional results.

Exceptional Fit Rate

In a study of 1,015 clinical cases from 23 separate systems, the 3M True Definition Scanner replicas ultimately produced a 99.84% fit rate… without requiring a remake.

Better Record Storage and Sharing Capabilities

With more choices available for connecting, storing, and sharing digital information, the 3M True Definition system can have a significant effect on communications within your practice and with off-site dental labs. The cloud-based 3M Connection Center is equipped with open, trusted connections that integrate data between various technologies in your office, including milling systems and others. It also allows for enhanced communication with your partners and laboratories, and a potential reduction in time and labor. The 3M system also offers a variety of affordable data plans that allow you to choose what’s best for your individual practice.

Better Experience for Your Patients

3M True Definition scanning technology can give patients a clear and precise view of their teeth and gums. This enhances their understanding of their oral situation, and improves communication between you and your patients. It’s a true educational experience. Plus, it’s more comfortable and less time-consuming for them. There are no messy putties to deal with, and the restorations can be created more rapidly and with less chance for error.