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True Def Doctors Discuss Optimizing and Implementing Digital Technology

As opinion leaders in the field of dentistry, True Def Doctors John Weston, DDS and Chad C. Duplantis, DDS were recently interviewed by Inside Dentistry and Compendium magazines, respectively. The articles explore the development and implementation of advanced dental technology like the 3M True Definition Scanner. In “Optimizing Digital Technology,” Dr. Weston discusses the optimal way to incorporate digital impressions, digital smile design, and 3D radiography into complex multi-modality cosmetic and restorative procedures. For his piece in Compendium, Dr. Duplantis was asked “What barriers remain to incorporate digital chairside dentistry, and what is needed to remove those barriers for more adoption?” He indicates that the initial investment is often considered the most challenging aspect for dentists looking to enhance their practices, and he provides suggestions to overcome common obstacles and misperceptions.

We invite you to review the articles in full. Please reach out to our team with any questions you may have about digital technology.

Dr. Weston Demonstrates 3M Technology at the 2017 Digital Exchange Ski & Learn in Park City

This February brings much more than a potential change of weather conditions. Dr. John Weston, founder of, will be presenting at the Digital Exchange Ski & Learn in stunning Park City, UT. To learn more about this educational and recreational opportunity, including date, time, and event information, please download and view the PDF below. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Dr. Weston Presents at 2016 Greater New York Dental Meeting

logo-2016-2Dr. John Weston, founder of and trusted authority for 3M Dental, kicked off the holiday season in NYC as a featured presenter at the prestigious 2016 Greater New York Dental Meeting. He presented two hands-on workshops and one lecture that featured two of 3M Dental’s latest innovations: The mobile 3M True Definition Scanner and the all-new Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia system for restorations.

His three-hour workshop, “Utilizing Digital Impression Technology for Everyday Dentistry, Implants and Esthetic Cases,” covered the capabilities of digital impressions, including different workflows available. Dr. Weston hoped to help attendees learn how to utilize digital technology to turn the unpleasant and sometimes unpredictable practice of traditional impression-making into an accurate and interactive experience.

weston-gnydmDr. Weston also presented a three-hour lecture, “Porcelain Veneer Smile Design Using Digital Tools and Technology.” Through this presentation, he aimed to teach attendees to understand how a digital impression system combined with digital design and planning, as well as modern materials, can be a versatile component to a cosmetic practice.

Finally, Dr. Weston was also filmed at the 3M Dental exhibit as he discussed one of their newest restorative products, Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia. The system is designed to offer all-zirconia restorations that exhibit accurate and vital color match without compromising translucency and strength.

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Two Firsts Unveiled During Dr. Weston Live Demo Presentation

Dr. John Weston, Founder of, has just returned from presenting a Live Patient Demonstration at the 2016 3M Digital Exchange. During his presentation, Dr. Weston introduced — for the first time ever — the brand new 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner along with 3M’s latest restorative material, Lava Esthetic. The addition of the mobile format to the existing True Definition Scanner technology is an exciting innovation that adds convenience and freedom for practitioners, allowing them to move freely between operatories to complete digital scans. Below are video and photo highlights from Dr. Weston’s lecture along with information about the new mobile scanner.

Overview Video of 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner

Press Release Announcement of 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner

See The Mobile Scanner in Live Action!

Photo Highlights


TrueDef Doctors Faculty to Present at 2017 3M Digital Exchange

TrueDef Doctors faculty members, Dr. John Weston, and Dr. Chad Duplantis are pleased to be a part of the prestigious 3M Digital Exchange conference taking place October 6-7 in Minneapolis. Dr. Weston will be presenting a Live Patient Digital Workflow showcasing the 3M True Definition Scanner on Thursday, 10/6, and Dr. Duplantis will be presenting on Chairside Milling on Friday, 10/7. The courses are designed not only to broaden clinical knowledge, but also allow attendees to participate in discussions with these digital leaders to help enhance their use of the exciting technologies.

Dr. John Weston Dispels Myths About Digital Impression Systems in the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry

Designed with dentists and patients in mind, the 3M True Definition Scanner is set to become one of the most essential tools in the modern dental professional’s armamentarium. In an article penned for the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry, originally published in the summer of 2013 and recently re-circulated, Dr. John Weston, in collaboration with Matt Roberts, CDT, details the numerous beneficial attributes of digital impression systems and refutes several stubborn myths that have developed about this valuable technology.

If you’re considering enhancing your practice with the 3M True Definition Scanner, Dr. Weston’s and Matt Roberts’s contribution to Digital Impressions: A Dentist’s and a Laboratory Technician’s Perspectives clarifies a number of key features that could help you determine if this technology may be right for your needs. Click below to download the article.


Dr. John Weston to Teach 3M ESPE Espertise Educational Seminar

HCA_Espertise_Impression_Seminar_Okon_Weston_cg2(1)-1Can technology really make you a better dentist? On June 12th, I’ll be answering this question and more during a 3M ESPE Espertise Educational Seminar scheduled to take place at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills, CA. Titled, “What’s New — 3M True Definition Scanner and Digital Materials,” the instructional course is intended to help dental practitioners understand the differences between various digital impression systems on the market while also demonstrating how these technologies can help improve productivity and overall patient satisfaction.

One such system that will be overviewed in full detail is the 3M True Definition Scanner, which is a state-of-the-art digital imaging technology that has revolutionized the way dentists can restore teeth. As a smaller, more accurate and ergonomic intraoral scanning system, the 3M True Definition Scanner can help streamline the dental restoration process with better results than ever before.

Ultimately, by covering the many indications, treatments, and restorative material options available with digital impressioning, my overall objective for the course is to help all dental professionals in attendance determine if implementing digital impression technology is right for their individual practices.

– Dr. Weston

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3M True Definition Scanner Showcased at AACD 2015 founder Dr. John Weston (right) with Faculty Member, Dr. Nicholas Marongiu. founder Dr. John Weston (right) with Faculty Member, Dr. Nicholas Marongiu.

I recently returned from San Francisco where I had the honor of presenting three different lectures at the 2015 AACD Scientific Session. As one of the premier cosmetic dentistry-oriented meetings in the world, the conference was attended by roughly 2,000 dental professionals seeking to share new perspectives and learn about the latest, most advanced treatments and techniques the field has to offer – all in a collaborative effort to enhance oral care worldwide.

Though each of my presentations was special in its own right, I was particularly thrilled to showcase the innovative 3M True Definition Scanner during my hands-on workshop centered around restorative dental procedures and digital impression technology. Throughout the workshop, I demonstrated how user-friendly and exceptionally accurate the 3M True Definition Scanner is in regard to streamlining the tooth restoration process. The precision digital imaging afforded by this state-of-the-art device not only reduces time patients spend in the chair, it also diminishes the potential for mistakes and makes results more predictable for the highest quality restorations possible.

Overall, I feel attending the AACD meeting and presenting lectures is instrumental to maintaining my energy and skill levels. This was a great conference with speakers from around the world, and the collaboration was truly exciting. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to share such a revolutionary dental technology with like-minded professionals.

– Dr. Weston

John Weston Keynote Speaker at 2015 NEA District Dental Society Meeting

Dr. Weston recently had the honor of participating as the Keynote Speaker at The NEA District Dental Society for their 2015 Semi-Annual meeting on January 30 and 31, 2015.

NEA District Dental Society

The Northeast Arkansas District Dental Society was lucky to have AACD Accredited Fellow, Dr. John Weston, present his program “Utilizing Advanced Technology, Materials and Techniques for Modern Restorative Dentistry” for a full day on Friday of their annual winter meeting. Pictured are Mike Thompson DDS, MS, John Weston, DDS, FAACD, and John Rowe, DDS, AAACD.


The theme of the meeting was centered around utilizing advanced technology, materials and techniques for modern restorative dentistry. During the wide-screen course, I showed attendees many cases using the 3MTrue Definition Scanner as well as other digital tools and techniques. As the smallest, lightest and most accurate intraoral scanning system on the market, this technology is changing the way practitioners restore teeth. The course was designed to show attendees how to simplify dentistry and reduce stress all while maintaining quality.

Learning Objectives Included:

  1. Understand the importance of using digital photos and digital smile design as it relates to case acceptance, case planning and excellent lab communication as well as helping to create beautiful smiles for patients.
  2. Learn a simple method of using mock ups and trial smiles for direct fabrication of reduction guides to help you properly evaluate and prepare teeth for “minimal prep” porcelain veneer restorations.
  3. See how the accuracy and efficiency of modern digital technology and impressions can be integrated into the office and laboratory workflow to improve the predictability and quality of all indirect restorations.

– Dr. Weston

Dr. John Weston Presents Live Demonstration of Digital Technology

As dental professionals, we are perpetually seeking the most innovative ways to streamline dental procedures while maintaining optimal quality for the best patient experience possible. One of the most effective methods we can employ toward this goal is the incorporation of advanced digital technology into modern dental care. On several occasions I’ve discussed the attributes of the 3M True Definition Scanner, and I recently had the honor of presenting a lecture outlining the device’s singular ability to collaborate with other technology—particularly the IOS Chairside Mill—to generate high-quality results in a minimal amount of time. During this course, which included a live patient demonstration, I was able to reveal precisely what can be accomplished using this state-of-the-art equipment.

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of the 3M True Definition Scanner is the ability to share data with other digital devices. As a trusted connection of the scanner, the IOS Chairside Mill can receive digital files and use the information to produce highly accurate, high-quality customized restorations in as little as 20 minutes, which I demonstrated in the course. The rapid turnover can provide patients with the same or better quality crowns as lab-generated without the need for a follow-up appointment, improving both the doctor and patient experience immeasurably. Furthermore, I covered the steps necessary to prepare and take a digital impression, as well as the process of implementing the technology for both single and multi-unit cases. As exhibited by each stage of the presentation, the application of digital technology offers boundless opportunities to simplify and enhance dentistry from prep to delivery.

– Dr. Weston

True Definition Scanner and the IOS Chairside Mill