As opinion leaders in the field of dentistry, True Def Doctors John Weston, DDS and Chad C. Duplantis, DDS were recently interviewed by Inside Dentistry and Compendium magazines, respectively. The articles explore the development and implementation of advanced dental technology like the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. In “Optimizing Digital Technology,” ... Continue Reading

Dr. John Weston, founder of and trusted authority for 3M Dental, kicked off the holiday season in NYC as a featured presenter at the prestigious 2016 Greater New York Dental Meeting. He presented two hands-on workshops and one lecture that featured two of 3M Dental’s latest innovations: The mobile ... Continue Reading

Dr. John Weston, Founder of, has just returned from presenting a Live Patient Demonstration at the 2016 3M Digital Exchange. During his presentation, Dr. Weston introduced — for the first time ever — the brand new 3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner along with 3M’s latest restorative material, Lava Esthetic. ... Continue Reading