Dr. John Weston Presents Live Demonstration of Digital Technology

As dental professionals, we are perpetually seeking the most innovative ways to streamline dental procedures while maintaining optimal quality for the best patient experience possible. One of the most effective methods we can employ toward this goal is the incorporation of advanced digital technology into modern dental care. On several occasions I’ve discussed the attributes of the 3M True Definition Scanner, and I recently had the honor of presenting a lecture outlining the device’s singular ability to collaborate with other technology—particularly the IOS Chairside Mill—to generate high-quality results in a minimal amount of time. During this course, which included a live patient demonstration, I was able to reveal precisely what can be accomplished using this state-of-the-art equipment.

Perhaps one of the most desirable features of the 3M True Definition Scanner is the ability to share data with other digital devices. As a trusted connection of the scanner, the IOS Chairside Mill can receive digital files and use the information to produce highly accurate, high-quality customized restorations in as little as 20 minutes, which I demonstrated in the course. The rapid turnover can provide patients with the same or better quality crowns as lab-generated without the need for a follow-up appointment, improving both the doctor and patient experience immeasurably. Furthermore, I covered the steps necessary to prepare and take a digital impression, as well as the process of implementing the technology for both single and multi-unit cases. As exhibited by each stage of the presentation, the application of digital technology offers boundless opportunities to simplify and enhance dentistry from prep to delivery.

– Dr. Weston

True Definition Scanner and the IOS Chairside Mill