Unveiling the Latest 3M True Definition Scanner

3M True Definition Scanner and Wand.jpgGaining immediate, comfortable access to all areas of the mouth is of primary concern for us and our patients during routine and advanced dental procedures. As more oral health specialists explore the capabilities of digital technology, the 3M True Definition Scanner has emerged as one tool that provides enhanced range of motion and high-quality results. Recently, the makers of the True Definition Scanner distributed a press release detailing the benefits of the next-generation version, a revolutionary new device that boasts the smallest wand on the market in addition to rapid scanning and upgraded software. The ergonomic shape of the wand is of particular interest—it can be held with one hand and is designed to look and feel like a traditional dental handpiece—and it dramatically improves access to molars, wisdom teeth, and other posterior anatomy.

As modern dental professionals, we are always eager to discover technology that improves oral healthcare and the in-office experience. Based on the previous success of the original scanner and the updated model’s impressive benefits, the latest 3M True Definition Scanner appears to be an exciting addition to the field that could lead to improved detection of dental anomalies, fewer complications, and more satisfied patients.

We will be posting new case presentations in the near future to showcase the features and capabilities of the latest 3M True Definition Scanner.