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Dr. John Weston Presents Live Webinar on Clear Aligner Digital Workflow

Dental impressions are the most essential tool in any oral health specialists’ repository, and being able to consistently attain accurate imprints necessitates not only possessing the most advanced technology available but also the ability to expertly operate the device. The 3M True Definition Scanner efficiently produces detailed digital impressions that allow dental professionals the opportunity to achieve patient goals with greater success in a shorter period of time. The key to obtaining consistent, high-quality results is the same as with many other techniques: user proficiency. I had the honor of presenting a live webinar that provided step-by-step instruction on how to achieve dependably exacting impressions and further detailed how to employ this data, specifically in the process of fabricating clear aligners.

When treating dental issues related to tooth alignment, such as crowding, crossbites, overbites, underbites, and spacing, clear aligners are generally as effective as the quality of the impressions. The 3M Digital Scanner is designed to offer orthodontic specialists a simple method to expedite the imprinting process while providing enhanced precision and, as a natural consequence, an improved patient experience. My online training course reveals the versatility of digital impression technology, which I believe will prove an indispensable part of the modern dental practice.

– Dr. Weston

Unveiling the Latest 3M True Definition Scanner

3M True Definition Scanner and Wand.jpgGaining immediate, comfortable access to all areas of the mouth is of primary concern for us and our patients during routine and advanced dental procedures. As more oral health specialists explore the capabilities of digital technology, the 3M True Definition Scanner has emerged as one tool that provides enhanced range of motion and high-quality results. Recently, the makers of the True Definition Scanner distributed a press release detailing the benefits of the next-generation version, a revolutionary new device that boasts the smallest wand on the market in addition to rapid scanning and upgraded software. The ergonomic shape of the wand is of particular interest—it can be held with one hand and is designed to look and feel like a traditional dental handpiece—and it dramatically improves access to molars, wisdom teeth, and other posterior anatomy.

As modern dental professionals, we are always eager to discover technology that improves oral healthcare and the in-office experience. Based on the previous success of the original scanner and the updated model’s impressive benefits, the latest 3M True Definition Scanner appears to be an exciting addition to the field that could lead to improved detection of dental anomalies, fewer complications, and more satisfied patients.

We will be posting new case presentations in the near future to showcase the features and capabilities of the latest 3M True Definition Scanner.


3M Digital Exchange Event – Making Every Connection Matter

3mdigitalexchangeThe 3M Digital Exchange is kicking off with keynote speaker James McQuivey PHD, an expert on the ever-changing digitization of our world. There will be breakout educational sessions where I will be speaking with others and there is a black tie Gala tonight. They are officially launching the “new” True definition Scanner wand. Lighter, faster, and more ergonomic to reach second molars and anterior teeth easier! There will be press here from dental publications, etc!

– Dr. Weston

True Def Scanner Reactions at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

I just returned from Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting where I was energized by the response and interest in the new True Definition Scanner by 3M. I had so many doctors come up and could not believe that 3M has delivered the smallest, most durable scanning wand on the market at such a low cost. They all kept asking what the catch is and if everything is included. It was a great meeting.

– Dr. Weston

Video Review for Dental Products Report

Please see the video review I completed for Dental Products Report for a brief description of my feelings about True Definition Scanning.